Google Champions

Google Champions - an Opportunity to win 5 more Apple iPad2

Here are the rules for Google Champion contest:

1. Nominate Yourself
Send an email “I would like to nominate myself as a Google Champion. Please remove Microsoft Office application from my computer. I understand the benefits of Google Docs and would love to use Google Docs instead of MS Office” to

2. Use Google Apps instead of MS Office.
By nominating yourself, you demonstrate your wish to give up your MS Office license. Not only you will have Google Apps for your email and calendar, but you will also now be using Google docs (Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms and Presentations) as a substitute to MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

3. Timelines.
The Google Champion contest opens today and closes on January 25th, 2012. We will be giving out one iPad every month by conducting a raffle. The earlier you sign up, the better your chances to win an iPad, because if you nominate yourself as a Google Champion on now, your name will remain in all the following raffles till Jan 31st (unless you win the prize by then). Here is a little explanation how it works:


Nominate yourself by:

Raffle takes place:

Your name will be included in the raffle (till the contest closes):

by Sept 25th

Sept 30th

5 times (5 chances to win)

Sept 26th to Oct 25th

Oct 31st

4 times (4 chances to win)

Oct 26 to Nov 25th

Nov 30th

3 times (3 chances to win)

Nov 26 to Dec 25th

Dec 30th

2 times (2 chances to win)

Dec 26 to Jan 25th

Jan 31st

1 time (1 chance to win)

If you still ask yourself why I should give up my MS Office, see below the mentioned advantages of Google Docs over MS Office and you may want to reconsider!

1) Google Apps (Calendar, Email and Documents) allow you to use your time more effectively.
2) People can work on same document at the same time, enhancing team collaboration
3) Documents can be shared with others (including outside organization) and then if required, the access can be revoked
4) No need to send documents in email and having multiple versions of attachments. All you need is to send a link to your Google document.
You may want to watch this great video which describes all the benefits Google docs can bring:

If you have any questions, please forward them to:


Good Luck!