Email Access during Migration Weekend

Dear All,

We are in process of migrating your Email account from Exchange to Google Apps as per below mentioned plan.

 Deployment Phase
 Migration Weekend Go Live date
Alpha Wave - IT 23rd-24th April 2011
25th April 2011
Support Personnel, Google Guide and Google Early Adopters
14th-15th May 2011

16th May 2011
Deployment Phase - 1; Argentina 4th-5th June 20116th June 2011
Deployment Phase - 2; India + US + UK
INDIA:-25th-26th June 2011
UK:-25th-26th June 2011
US:- 3rd-4th July 2011
INDIA: 27th June 2011
UK: 27th June 2011
US: 5th July 2011
Deployment Phase - 3; Ukraine 16th-17th July 2011 - Preponed with India Phase(25th -26th June 2011)
18th July 2011 - Preponed with India Phase(27th June 2011) Planned

During this migration weekend, you will be able to access your emails using your Exchange Account (MS Outlook or Outlook web access), however, access from your Exchange Account will be revoked once the migration is completed and you will be able to access your emails only via Google Apps:- In case you are not able to access your Exchange Mailbox during the migration weekend, it means migration for your Mailbox is complete and access to Exchange Mailbox is revoked.

IT will also send a notification to the end users about their migration phase in the week prior to their migrate weekend.