Migration Plan

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 GlobalLogic is moving to The Cloud!   It’s official.  In the weeks and months ahead, globally we will transition to GoogleApps.

 Why transition to GoogleApps?

  • GlobalLogic helps its client partners tap into new technologies.  It’s critical therefore that our company be a leader in technology  adoption.  GoogleApps is a very strong technology.
  • GoogleApps will enable each of us to be much more agile.
  • Moving from MS server to a more flexible GoogleApps platform will yield significant cost benefits.


What does this mean for you?

  • Flexibility -- Access documents from any computer/device, anywhere, anytime.  
  • Agility  -- No more attaching documents to emails, waiting for revisions and tracking versions.   With GoogleApps, you’ll be able to share documents in real time with colleagues and client partners AND still be able to keep track of versions.  
  • Freedom -- No more tedious data back up processes.  No more waiting days for your data to be restored if your computer is down.


What will this mean for clients?

  • Connect – clients can connect more easily with GlobalLogic.
  • Collaborate – client partners can get access to documents and interact with GlobalLogic in real time vs. communicating over endless emails and versions.
  • Innovate!  - clients see GlobalLogic as a more agile and innovative company


Additional Information:

Project Phases:  Where are we in the Project?

IT has now completed the design, implementation and testing phases.   To all of you who participated in that initial phase, thank you.  Your feedback has been immensely helpful.  The next phase is to transition the complete Global IT Team to GoogleApps as part of an alpha phase.  This will occur during the weekend of 23-24th April.


Subsequent phases will occur as follows:

Global IT Team

23-24th April 2011

Global Support Departments

14-15th May 2011

Argentina Users

4-5th June 2011

India + USA users

25-26th June 2011

Ukraine Users

16-17th July 2011

Become a Google Guide:

Nominate yourself to become a Google Guide.   What’s a Google Guide?  To ensure as smooth a transition as possible, we’re enlisting the support of Google Guides.  Google Guides are select employees who are willing to help their colleagues answer questions relating to the GoogleApps migration.  All you need is to be enthusiastic about learning new technology and be willing to share some of your time in assisting your colleagues in moving to GoogleApps.  Learn more by visiting https://portal.globallogic.com/confluence/x/3ABoC or email GoogleApps-CoreTeam@globallogic.com  with subject “I want to be Google Guide” no later than 25th April 2011.



Your support is critical in making this a success:

This is a complex migration.  We ask your patience in working through any issues in the short term.  We believe you’ll benefit strongly from the migration.  

  • Check your Junk Box frequently -- In the interim, please be on the lookout for any emails which may be routed to your Junk Box.  This will likely occur until every Globyte is moved to Google Apps.   You will, however, continue to receive Junk email summaries as before and will get an option to unjunk your email yourself.

Thanks for your support in making this effort successful.


With Regards,

   GlobalLogic IT