Message From Peter

From: GlobalLogic CEO <>
Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 8:41 PM
Subject: [All-India] GlobalLogic is moving to Google Apps!
Cc: GL <>




Dear Globytes:


We are excited to announce that GlobalLogic will soon move its email, calendar and instant messaging platform to Google Apps. With Google Apps, we'll gain the benefits of a robust and innovative feature set, the ability to access email, calendar and instant messaging services from any Internet-connected computer, more storage, higher performance and availability. What's more, Google Apps is easy to use, and we think you'll find it to be a more efficient way to manage your email and calendar!


To ensure the success of this project, we have selected SADA Systems, Inc., one of the top Google Apps deployment companies in the world. We welcome SADA Systems to this project with its wealth of experience in implementing more than 200 Google Apps project for clients such as the City of Los Angeles, Virgin America, THQ, and others. GlobalLogic IT will be working in close partnership with SADA Systems and the Google Apps Deployment Team for this very important upgrade.


In addition to the implementation, SADA Systems will also provide Google Apps training which will be specially designed for specific user type e.g. different trainings for Managers, Engineers, System Admins/helpdesks and Trainers etc. Web-based training resources will be deployed using Google Sites technology that will facilitate your access to information and ease your transition.


In the coming weeks, you'll receive additional information about the project, as well as up-to date information about its progress. At a high level, the project will be completed in multiple phases, and each phase will have its own tasks devoted to technical prep work, data migration from our current Exchange platform, training classes, and a go-live date. Click this link for a detailed schedule.


We’re looking forward to an excellent and exciting 2011 for GlobalLogic.  Moving these solutions to the Cloud is just one of the many steps we are taking to ensure we continue to innovate, and provide the best possible tools for our team as we scale.


Summary of work scheduled for next six months (approx.) is posted here.




Best regards,

Peter Harrison
Chief Executive Officer
GlobalLogic, Inc.